Friday, November 25, 2011


hello, friends. :)

i hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving! we sure did and we are so grateful for our first thanksgiving with our sweet choi boy. :) but there's more to come on that next week.

for now, here's what we've been up to via some instagram goodness!

i managed to squeeze in some painting last week.
i'm classy and like to mix my paints on a paper plate. but, i'm in good company with lindsay. :)

i painted this for baby grant who turned one last saturday:
that song is extra special for both me and grant's momma. oh, and our boys, too. we think. ;)

grant's birthday party was at a farm.
so, naturally, cb had to don his overalls and gingham shirt.
he's really perfected the pensive farmhand look.

tina did an AMAZING job with the party and its super cute UP/balloons theme:

plus, we had lots of fun playing on the slides and structures and hanging out with the animals:

the birthday boy enjoyed a hayride into the sunset...
love that boy! happy birthday, grant! we had so much fun at your birthday bash!

we pulled out the christmas jammies early in the week. that's right, BEFORE thanksgiving.
oh, yes we did.
the firefighter hat completes the look, no?

another {different} jammies shot:
my own personal drummer boy. :)

speaking of jammies and such, the other night, i asked choi boy what book he wanted to read at bedtime. he responded, "pee pee book!" i told him he didn't have a pee pee book (and secretly prayed this was *not* an indicator that we need to begin potty training soon). but cb looked at me and said, "yes!" insistently and brought back this book, exclaiming, "pee pee poo poo book!"
i wonder what cb thinks this book is about...? and it probably confuses him even more when i cry every time we read this book about a toilet.

and speaking of toilets (wheee, i'm on a roll!), cb was "helping" me fold laundry when he grabbed something and ran away. when i caught up with him, here's how i found him:
yes, you would be correct in guessing that that was underwear on his head.
but, it's all good! it was clean!

finally found time to finish this book:
i want tina fey to be my BFF. if only liz lemon could be my friend, too.

cb was due for another haircut.
this time, he was a pro and sat {mostly} still thanks to the trusty lollipop that kept him occupied.

so, there's a korean spa/bathhouse not too far from us. and there are always several tour buses parked outside.
i can't believe people travel by tour group to hang out naked in a bathhouse. my mom loves it, but i can't bear (or bare - ha!) to hang out in my birthday suit (and see others in theirs), especially when i run the risk of running into a student's parent or church member or someone...::shudder::

even though my parents live 20 minutes away, we spent the night at their house on the day before thanksgiving. my dad really wanted some extra time with his favorite (okay, only) grandson. ;)
i never tire of seeing these two together.
they're like two peas in a pod. such sweetness.

but, what you don't see is the phone that they were intently staring at.
you see, cb had brought my dad his phone and pointed to it, saying, "red bird! red bird!" we were confused at first and it took us a minute to realize he was asking to play angry birds, knowing that hahbee has it on his phone and that it's not on mine or the hubs'.

thankgiving morning started with a pre-feast workout:
jillian michaels has nothing on choi boy.

besides, he was able to be guilt-free when he licked the leftover pumpkin cupcake batter right out of the mixing bowl.

choi boy thoroughly enjoyed his first american thankgiving.
but sadly, the thanksgiving meal did not escape his meal time escapades. some turkey and mashed potato ended up on the floor after a certain two year-old decided he was done. holiday or no holiday, a time-out followed.
but, i'm pretty sure that's not what they're supposed to look like...i only wish i snapped a photo when he was sitting there with my aunt's high-heels on his feet. clearly, we need to revisit the effectiveness of time-outs. ;)

life rearranged


  1. oh i love that painting!!!! you are so talented!!! thanks for linking up! :)

  2. Ha ha - good stuff. I LOVE that CB thinks I Love You Forever (best book ever, I ball each time) is the pee-pee book!! PS - I loved Bossy pants too. TF is the coolest.


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