Thursday, November 17, 2011


why, hello, there, {almost} friday! i do love you so. :)

here's what we've been up to lately via instagram pics...

we celebrated my 31st birthday in style.
korean fried chicken and beer.
best. birthday. dinner. ever. EVER!

made even better by some fro yo, yo.
clearly, choi boy was very invested in this family photo.

you guys. my two year-old hates milk.
so, naturally, i bribe him to drink it.
"drink all your milk and i'll give you a muffin."
mother of the year awards can be addressed to grace choi. thank you.

cb has a major sweet tooth. but, the boy also loves brushing his teeth.
okay, so it's really because his toothpaste is sweet, too.
so, FAIL.

i secretly want these girls' pj's in a grown-up size.
perhaps not so secretly anymore.

much to my dismay, choi boy has developed an interest in thomas and his friends. i know, i know, they're great, but the eyes and non-moving-lips-while-they-talk kinda creep me out.
choi boy was gifted a super cute busy book with thomas and friends miniatures and he loves to play with them.
"play" meaning line them up, of course.

dude, all that play is hard work.

i got me some purple pants.
i love them.
but i kinda feel like i'm channeling willy wonka.
the gene wilder one, not the creepy johnny depp one, FYI.

choi boy has a love for older ladies.
and two of them doting on him at once? it's enough to get him to share his cocoa roasted almonds.
no, really, contrary to what this post might show, i do feed my child more than just sugar. plus, almonds = protein! see!

you know what's so neat? watching your kiddo "replay" some of the things you do with him. especially when they're of the sweet and non-running-out-of-patience kind. ;)
this is cb putting his baby to bed. he says, "cuddle, baby!" and tells the baby a story. :)

we went to our friends' daughter's birthday party last weekend. it was beautiful and fantastic.
katie balloons of the unpoppables fame was there.

she is very talented. but a little cray-cray.
that would be katie *in* a giant balloon.
doesn't she remind you of the mom from the incredibles in that shot?
crazy, i tell you.

cb is the only grandchild on my side of the family. he is MAJORLY adored and loved, but is also a source of serious entertainment.
and being the little ham that he is, cb eats it all up.
that would be a napkin tied around his head. anyone else humming, "matchmaker" from fiddler on the roof?
and dang it! another sweet in his mouth!

tonight, choi boy pulled out some paper and declared, "umma, homework!" and proceeded to get to work.

and what was said homework?
practicing his Cs.
oh, how my kindergarten teacher heart smiles.

and lest you think i'm a wacky tiger mom, that lasted for about 90 seconds and was sandwiched between some serious running and jumping all around the house. love that boy and his multi-faceted awesomeness. ;)

life rearranged
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  1. Grace, your posts always make me laugh and smile from ear to ear! I love your sense of humor. The Willy Wonka pants had me busting a gut!! I have to say that clearly the camera that was used on your birthday knew it was your birthday because it focused only one you pretty lady! Way to go Carson...those Cs look awesome!!

  2. so, i need to know about korean fried chicken! can i make it at home? and, grace you are really so pretty. and i love that you are a kinder teacher! my middle son is in kinder this year so i have an extra special soft spot for kindergarten right now. cb is too cute. seriously.

  3. love the photos!!!!!
    thanks for the blog shout out!

  4. That toothbrushing photo is my fave!! It is so stinkin' cute and sweet.
    And purple pants? Love...

    I have a small funny story that you will appreciate. After I came home from studying abroad in 1995 (!) everyone in Italy was wearing orange jeans. So I was going to wear my orange jeans on my first night home and didn't want to be one of 2 or 3 people wearing them so I asked my friend if anyone else was wearing them. Her answer "um, orange jeans? no, I think you'll be ok."
    Anywho, I love colored pants :)

  5. You look absolutely gorgeous in the froyo photo. mmmmloverhyming.

  6. Loving your insta-friday! Sounds like a great birthday celebration. Oh, how I miss Pinkberry! :)

    CB makes me smile! Enjoy the train phase. I miss it now that Ben has outgrown it and look forward to it again (but not the actual tv show - not a fan at all! But playing with them is so cute!). Have a great weekend!

  7. My favorite color is glitter, too. Love it! That chicken looks so good.

  8. i love your instafriday posts! and hooray this it's already friday!!!! love your willy wonka pants. seriously great movie - the original.

  9. love your blog. how many times are you allowed to say 'love' in a paragraph? cos' i also love your little man in his snowman pjs and your purple pants and your family pic at the top. haha. glad you had a fun birthday! happy birthday! i'm crappily keeping up with your blog but i'm totally continuing to enjoy your updates on your fam.

  10. I want those PJs too, 'cos my favourite colour is definitely glitter!

  11. Catching up! I love your instafriday posts. So funny. Happy belated birthday! Korean fried chicken and beer? Mmmmm!


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