Wednesday, April 20, 2011

whatnot wednesday.

it's still wednesday! better late than never, right? ;)


*okay, so first, let me clear up the snakes in the onion bin thing. a few years ago, my mom and i were chatting and the following conversation took place...
momma: grace, when you're at the grocery store and looking for onions, make sure you put the produce bag over your hand as you sift through the onions.
me: huh? why?
momma: because, i heard on the news that a lady was looking through the onions when a snake came out and bit her. and she died.
me: WHA??!!! what are you talking about?! how is that even possible? why would there be a snake in there?!
momma: because it got in there from the farm and then into the boxes and then into the onion bin.
me: that's ridiculous! there's no way a snake could have gotten in there with no one seeing it.
momma: snakes are sneaky!!
me: mom, was this on the korean news?
momma: the korean news is REAL news!!!

so there you have it. be careful when you look for onions, folks.

*the other day, i saw an ad for a cake pan that allows you to bake a cake the resembles a giant 0re0. i so don't get this phenomenon. they also have cake pans that can make giant donut cakes. i *kinda* get the giant cupcake cake (just kinda), but a giant 0re0 or donut? isn't the point of all of those things to be handheld and bite-sized? what if they took this to the next level and there were kits to make giant hot dogs or sandwiches or bagels? gross.

*choi boy and piper have found a hobby to share. what is it?
on the neighbors.
piper's done this since she was a wee little pup, and recently, choi boy's taken to joining her at the window. piper will bark if she sees a squirrel or bird or dog or any animal, really.
and cb? well, he likes to imitate the people he sees and hears. he'll pretend to join in their conversations, etc, but the best is when he hears people laughing and then he busts out with his crazy fake laughter.
right now, it's funny because he's so darn cute, but i know there'll come a point where it becomes creepy and stalkerish.
at least it makes for a cute photo op!

*it's spring break around here and i'm loving my extra time with choi boy. we've been spending a lot of time outdoors, which has been fun, but my allergies are attacking in full force. apparently, the area we live in is one of the worst places for allergy suffers to live. it's so bad...i'm congested and itchy and it makes me want. to. gouge. my. eyes. out. i end up going between being super gross and congested and itchy to being drugged and super tired. i can't decide which is worse.

*allergy season also means those annoying nas0nex commercials are back. is that *really* antoni0*banderas doing the voice of the bee? i've never been able to figure that out. i suppose i could just g00gle it.
okay, i just did. and it's totally ant0nio. for some reason, that makes me so sad for him.

*cb recently learned how to say "bear." he usually refers to animals by the sound they make, with the exception of cow and kokeerhee (elephant), so it was great to hear him add another actual animal name to his repertoire. but, the funny thing is, he says "bear" like mike myers' linda richman from "coffee talk." so instead of "bear," it comes out like "beh-yah." i have no idea where he picked up this long island accent, but it's awesome.
it's equal parts adorable and hilarious.
see for yourself!

*i could probably think of a few things i need to get out of my system, but i SERIOUSLY want to claw my eyes out of my head right now. i'm going to off to take some meds. zyrtec is totally my BFF right now.

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  1. So the stalking the neighbors thing? FAVORITE activity of my girls. Seriously. They stare out our front windows ALL the time. The creepiest was when our neighbors across the street were standing on their front porch for quite a while, just chatting. Well, someone happened to be holding a baby. My girls start shrieking, "Baby! Baby! Baby!" and just gaping out our front glass door. At some point, I decided it was too much and pried them away from the glass.
    But yeah... nothin' happens in our hood without the Frick girls knowing about it.

  2. I love your conversation with your mom! My parents think the Korean news is the Bible! =) Have you ever read My mom is a fob...hilarious book/blog!

  3. OMG!!! That bee totally freaks me out! I can't even watch! Or listen!!!

  4. I opened up this post on Thursday with a stomach dropping fear - is it only Wednesday? I'm so glad I read the "better late than never" disclaimer.

    I was smiling throughout this post - from the onion story ("snakes in the onion bin" - it's a catchy phrase!) to the spying duo (we've got it, too, we call our little guy "the sheriff" when he gets in that mode) to the allergies. Ok, not smiling at the allergies, but nodding in agreement at this terrible season. Glad you are getting outside and enjoying the fresh air - and great job on the new words, CB!

  5. I love the pics of CB and Piper, so sweet. As they say, every dog should have a boy:)

  6. Grace, you were cracking me up through this post with the snake story; your kids stalking neighbors; and cb with a jersey accent. I love it all. I'm right there with you with the allergies and zyrtec. I want it to end! The other commercial that I'm tired of are those those mucinex commercials with that green blob thingy - he's so gross.

  7. Just as I took some liberties when tweeting the story about momma, I KNOW she didn't say this: "...put the produce bag over your hand as you sift through the onions." I don't believe I've ever heard her say 'produce' OR 'sift'. hahahha

    You're hilarious. I love these whatnotwednesday posts! They're perfect for your rando thoughts.

  8. OMG, I just LOL imagining CB's fake laughter with the neighbors. HAHAHAHAHAH!

  9. Really, that is Antonio Banderas doing the voice over? That is so sad.
    And now you have me intrigued what they are saying on the Korean news!

  10. Hi Grace, we have allergies too. If you don't like that drugged out medicine head feeling that comes from antihistamines, try doing a nasal rinse. Seriously. It sounds gross but the kids' doctor actually recommended it. You basically flush out your sinuses with warm saline water once or twice a day. I know a lot of people that have started this, and if you do it consistently, it really works. We use the squeeze bottle from NeilMed. They also make the netti pot, which is the same thing, but just looks different. It's a little scary the first time, but once you get used to it, it rocks.

  11. totally GREAT!!! Love the Korean News Story! lol..

  12. Trust me on this, local bee pollen is your friend, go buy some at whole foods and take a small dose each day, it knocks out the allergies (much stronger than local honey) Also, the snake in the onion it. My Mom found a black widow spider in her grapes...don't tell your Mom that!

  13. Thanks for the laughs, specifically the snakes in the onion bin laugh. Question: Is a produce bag really going to protect your hand from a snake? I think I will have to bring sturdy gardening gloves with me on my next trip to the grocery.

  14. Oh man that convo with your mother is still cracking me up!!! And I had the same question as Beth - if there really ARE snakes in the onion bin (and sure, I'm willing to play along with that if the Korean News says so), then maybe just don't eat onions anymore because seriously that thin piece of plastic is probably not going to save you from a snake bite. Just sayin'.

  15. sorry to hear about your allergies. :( so not fun.
    i actually bought the giant cupcake pan a few years back. tried it once, but with the wrong recipe. hmmm, i need to pull that puppy out and try again.
    and i love how cb says "bear!"...and your comparison! noah says "very nice" exactly like Borat! it's hysterical!

  16. I love your what-not Wednesday posts. I have to decide whether I should abandon the Wordless Wednesday theme and try something new. Maybe soon! You have a great sense of humour and can make anything hilarious. Hope the allergies clear up soon. They suck.

  17. The spying on the neighbours is totally hilarious. Both my boys do the same. It can keep them occupied for some time, too. Spring break is awesome, and so nice to be outdoors more. I hope your allergies get better soon. It sounds horrible. Great job on your new word, cb!

  18. The Korean News?? Sounds kind of like The Onion!

  19. This is hysterical, of course... my word, I'd love to live a day with you... but I fear my sides would hurt from laughing so much.

  20. What snakes has your mom heard of that cannot bite through a flimsy plastic bag? Especially the deadly ones? Hilarious! It sounds a lot like Chris' (Chinese) aunts who come up some complete doozy of stories/material that they SWEAR ON THEIR MOTHER'S GRAVE is true. Even after my husband points out it isn't true...and shows them proof...they still spread the "news" around elsewhere. Cracks me up.

    When Little D was starting to talk more, my husband asked if all toddlers sound like they are from Jersey Shore? Especially a word like, "More!"

    My husband pointed out that was AB in those bee commercials too...and it made me sad too. Really? That's what he's doing now? Sad thing is he probably got paid a LOT (!) of money for that work.

  21. The little stalker! Love it - Mason is quite the fan too :)


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