Wednesday, April 13, 2011

whatnot wednesday.


it's that time again! this makes wednesdays so much more fun. ;)

*check out this bib i saw at target (why, yes, i *do* spend a lot of time there) the other day:
it makes this blogging thing seem so passe, right? oh, well. passe or not, i'm going to carry on blogging. because i love it. where else can i spill all my verbal diarrhea? ;) (p.s. i totally just spell checked "diarrhea," and i canNOT believe i spelled it correctly on the first try! whohoo!)

*on that note, moving on. look what else i found at target:
they were full when i found them. this also may or may not have been the third empty bag in my house in the past two weeks.
i love easter season not only because we get to celebrate and rejoice in Jesus' ressurection, but also because the best chocolate candy EVER fills the shelves. i know, i know, mini eggs are small in the big picture of easter, but they are just so darn yummy! far yummier than and superior to those widely available lettered chocolates. i think it's something about the candy coating to chocolate ratio. and the candy coating's thicker and crunchier.
oh how i wish mini eggs were available all year round.
i'd better stock up. you think they'll go on sale after easter???

*speaking of obsessions, choi boy's elmo obsession has been taken to another level. he looooooves all things elmo. but, i'm a mean momma who won't let my child wear character clothes or shoes. unless they're vintage-y looking. i know, i'm mean!! i told you! but, i figure, while i have full control of his wardrobe, i might as well take advantage of it, right? anyway, i steer clear of the character clothes when choi boy and i are out and about, but last week, my mom and i took him to m@rshall's and while my mom was pushing him in the cart, he started screeching, "eh-mo! EHHHMO!!!!" my mom looked around and saw that he was pointing to a package of elmo underwear. she said, "this?" and cb vigorously nodded and reached out for it. she handed it to him (because that's what grandma's do -- give their grandchildren whatever they want), and cb spent the rest of our time at the store hugging and caressing a package of underpants.
and no, i'm not taking that as a sign that cb is ready to potty train. no way, jose.

*oh,'s so fun to see her as a grandma. she just adores choi boy and it's so sweet to watch her be all mushy gushy with him. watching her with him reminds me of when i was little. and i have to say, my mom was right about a lot of the things she told me when i was younger. for instance, i *do* totally regret quitting the piano. and my teeth *did* shift back a bit because i failed to wear my retainer faithfully. and if i eat too much chocolate, it *does* go right to my midsection.

*but, my mom was also wrong about some things...for instance, your eyes will *not* stay crossed if you take a picture while crossing them (um, i'm slightly embarassed at how long it took me to figure that out). and it is not necessary for you to use extreme caution when looking through the onions at the grocery store because a poisonous snake will *not* come out and bite you. also, eating sweets before dinner will *not* ruin your appetite. i know, because i ate a whole plate of sushi after polishing off that bag of mini eggs. ;)

*this would probably freak my mom (and probably many of you) out, but look at this picture of choi boy:
yes, that's a trash can on his head.
i know, i know, it's probably gross, but i promise, whenever there *is* trash in there, it's inside the garbage bag that fully covers all of the fabric. once the garbage bag is out, choi boy snatches it up and walks around with it on his head.

he thinks it's hilarious.
i also find it hilarious.

*i can also tell from that last photo that choi boy's forehead is REALLY large, like could-have-its-own-zip-code large, and he would not look so good with a receeding hairline. good thing he won't have to worry about that for a while.

i hope.

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  1. Snakes in the onion bins?! WHAT THE WHAT?! Is that something only Korean moms tell their kids? Because I did not hear about that! Max would like to tell Carson that he also likes playing with the gar-gee and the fact that he put it on his head is pretty cool. Big forehead or not. And I have a huge forehead so I should know about such things.

  2. i <3 cadbury mini eggs.
    briar's forehead could have its own zipcode as well, i'm sort of rethinking growing her bangs out now that i've been pulling them back more and remember just how big it is!

  3. that bib is awesome! and yes, sales after easter are great...unless they sold them all before Easter. The dilemma... :)

    Happy Wednesday!

  4. I must agree, I do not allow character clothes unless they are cute and vintage (think baby g*p) But guess who bought Parker ELMO pj's and shirts for birthday-grandma! I do not like silly little boy clothes...You had better dash to target after Easter, the eggs will go quick (spoken from a candy conosuier) I must say Easter is the best candy holiday!

  5. CB--I feel your forehead pain (and so does Matthew). My mom called me Tweety bird when I was little because of my big head in general and my big forehead. I'm surprised they didn't use it to screen home movies.
    And snakes in the onions? Holy crap!

  6. Oh, Grace! You have me chuckling pretty hard here. The snake in the onion bin cracked me up the most. I also love seeing my parents be all lovey-dovey-silly with our son...very fun! I also don't "dig" on character clothes (I caved on one cheap pair of Thom@s PJs...and C@rs underpants...I figured no one would really see those...and whatever works!) And...hello fellow chocolate-egg addict. My bowl has been empty ALL week and I'm going insane. After nap? First thing on agenda? A walk to Walgreens to get MORE! AND LOTS!

  7. Oh your choi-boy is full of super cuteness!! I can't tell you how many of those bibs I have bought at target for gifts!!!

  8. i never spell "diarrhea" correctly! ( not that i go around typing it alot...but there have been multiple times and i'm always wrong. :)
    oh yum!! eater candy! i've been on weight watchers for over 5 weeks now, so sad to say none for me right now. BUT...i do have a few of my faves in my closet upstairs with noah's stuff just waiting for me for my big ole cheat day i'm takin' on easter!! ( ooo, cadbury cream eggs, peanut butter eggs and zitners double coconut here i come!!! :)
    ohh, and ps...i don't buy character clothes for noah either. he spotted some thomas pj's at macys the other day and i distracted him with something else and kept on a-walkin'. :)

  9. ummm...that was supposed to be "easter" candy not "eater" candy. that's what happens when you are deprived of sweets i guess. ;)

  10. I haven't seen that bib in Target but it's hilarious!! I'm actually embarrassed to tell people I blog sometimes b/c it does sound so... something! But I really think we should wear the title of blogger with PRIDE!! I mean, we could be making people sit and listen to us TALK about all this stuff:)

    I, too, am a vintage only character shirt mom. Check out for some cute vintage Elmo shirts. They are a little pricey but I got Jack a Mickey Mouse shirt there for his birthday one year b/c he wanted one so badly. Might be worth it for a special occasion.

  11. You are making me want Cadbury mini eggs right now! Hilariously, my sis and I were just talking today about the after-Easter sales on chocolate. Now, the question is - what size are those bags that you are eating?! :) Just kidding. But truly, I'm sure my chocolate consumption would gross out some people. Just saying.

    And hey - did you buy the Elmo underwear?

  12. Neti pot=freakin amazing!
    Bib=I LOVE it!!! I have one too :) I think it's sooo adorable!

  13. oh man..i totally posted my comment and then it got! okay..let me recreate it..
    hahahaha!! i totally love this post!! i am right there with you on the word: diarrhea. i actually copied and pasted this word. i can never spell it right! ha! i have to admit that i am not a big chocolate fan. i like it but i don't need it. b is though. i'm a jelly bean fan around Easter. black jelly beans are my fav! yummmmy!!! i laughed outloud when reading about cb hugging a package of undies! lol...too funny!! oh and yes, easter candy does go on sale at target...i believe even on if you get a chance in between church and family get

  14. Ok, why y'all gotta be hatin' on the Elmo garb?! I admit that I'm not the keenest on supporting the mega-corporations and their characters, but buying Olive an Elmo t-shirt she spotted in Target not only made the child's day, but made our ENTIRE WINTER! She giggled with glee every time she got to wear the Elmo T, and I'm actually dreading the day she outgrows it. And good luck finding non-boring underpants that don't have characters on them! So I gotta know... did you let him have the underpants? Or did he just love on them throughout the store & then you put them back for some unsuspecting child to purchase? ;)
    I'm with Kelly... what the HECK on the snakes in the onions bit? Is that to discourage one from flippantly tossing onions into their basket? Or the opposite? Am I not supposed to mull over my onion purchases for fear of snake attack?
    And we're all about the trash cans on the head around here. Why not?!

  15. I love Easter. Obviously because of New Life in Christ, but also the chocolate is helpful. Cadbury eggs are so fun! :)

    The bib is hilarious! :) Thanks for sharing.

  16. A couple comments... first, I'm with ya on the character clothes. My first was born 12 years ago during the Barney hype so that was the begining of the word no for me. Second, yay for Easter! My favorite Easter quote is "Easter says you can put truth in a grave but it won't stay there!" Third, the trash can would not have been a big deal to me, especially since the morning I caught MeeSong waving the litter scoop like a magic wand when I had my back turned in the laundry room. ick.

  17. miniiiiiiii eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeggs!!!!!!!!!!
    Everyone I tell the snake onion story LOVES it. :D I'll let you share it maybe on a random thing momma kim says post! (some of that stuff may be offensive though, like the why she knows God is real theory.......)

  18. Hey there...
    so much has happened since I last read your blog. SO SORRY I have not been around much.

    Sorry about your loss of your precious grandfather. He sounds like a wonderful man and I am sure he is enjoying dancing around praising our heavenly father.

    Asher would love to join the "band"!!! He sings a pretty good Veggie tales and twinkle twinkle among other great tunes!

    The garbage can on the head does not phase me a bit! After 5 kids you grow less and less concerned about germs and nastyness. lol...

  19. Snakes in the onion bins, I can't get past that one.

    Hopefully there are no snakes in trash bins...

  20. me too me too! i also quit piano (i as a horrible student) and do regret it somewhat. and also did not wear my retainers faithfully so my teeth are not quite as straight as they could be. and i also got told doing the cross-eyed thing, it could get stuck. which i secretly still am afraid of so i don't do it for long haha. love the story of the underpants and good ol grandma hehe...

  21. sorry typo- 'was' a horrible student.

  22. Mmmm mini eggs...
    And love the pictures. Alex has been wearing a garbage can on his head as... a hockey helmet. Don't worry it is plastic and has lots of holes so he can see through. Sigh.

  23. OK... hysterical!!! Again.

    And we're very limited here in character clothing as well. (PJs are the exception since I don't really need to look at them, and anything that gets my kid into bed a happy camper... I'm all for.) As for the underpants... two words. Childrens. Pl@ce. Or Cr@zy8 if your child isn't still wearing a size 12 month bottom like someone I know...

  24. who needs a new stuffed animal, just get a package of underpants! hee hee!

    love whatnot wednesdays!

  25. Your Mom sounds like such a sweetheart.


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