Wednesday, April 6, 2011

whatnot wednesday.

there's been a lot going on here grandfather suddenly passed away, choi boy's been the sickest we've seen him, and we're just worn out from traveling to and from philly for the memorial services. i could write about all that, and i will, but for now, i just need to carry on with some random drivel as i'm still processing all of the above. in other words, this is going to be a post about a whole lotta nothin'. in other words, this is going to be a lot like most of my other posts. ;)


i'm linking up with my buddy, elizabeth, and joining in on her weekly whatnot wednesday hilarity. elizabeth regularly cracks me up, and though i can't promise i'll be as funny as she is, i think i can pull off being as random.


*one of my go-to clothing stores is h&m. it's cute, trendy, and cheap(!), all things i love. i've discovered that they have baby/kid clothing that's just as cute, trendy, and cheap and it's the source of a good amount of cb's wardrobe. their sizes are super funky, though. cb is wearing 12-18 months in most clothes and is transitioning to 18-24 month clothing. at h&m, though, cb is *swimming* in 12-18 month clothing and the 9-12 month sizes are still pretty loose on him. meanwhile, i have to wear a full 2 sizes larger than i usually do in their grown-up clothing line. all this makes me wonder if swedish people start off as REALLY large babies and then turn into SUPER skinny grown ups. judging from the fact that the only swedes i can think of are actresses and models, i don't think i'm too far off in that thinking.

*speaking of clothing and funkiness, i was reminded of how funky korean clothing can be, especially kids clothing. my dear, dear friend, dana, got her referral this week (YIPEEEE!!!) and she was saying that in some of the pictures, her son (!!) is wearing a pink snowsuit. i laughed and then remembered that when we developed the pictures from the disposable cameras we had sent to his foster family, we saw that choi boy spent a large part of the summer in pigtails and halter tops. i kid you not.
wanna see?
of course you do!
doesn't he look like pebbles flintstone? oh, and that large white spot? the flash. because i took a picture of the pictures instead of scanning them. 'cuz that's how i roll.

*choi boy's into hitting lately and it drives me nuts. when he hits, i hold his hands, look into his eyes and tell him, "look at me. we do NOT hit." except, when i say "look at me," he *really* does. he makes his eyes all wide and big and accompanies them with a mock serious look. it is all i can do not to burst out laughing in his face. so, yes, so far, this method of discipline is SUPER effective. :(

*last week, the hubs went to the store to pick up some things and asked if i wanted to watch a movie. i said sure and to get something that wasn't too serious. he came back with "the t0urist." he didn't read any reviews, but figured that since the two stars were top billing actors, it wouldn't be too bad. it was AWFUL. like, a ridiculous waste of time and money and "talent". i was so upset after watching the movie because it had ridiculous ending and i felt like i had wasted 2 hours of my life. the hubs reminded me that it was free (holla redb0x and the free rental codes!), but still. i woke up the next morning so annoyed and angelina and johnny. ugh. just writing all that got me upset again!

*i'm one of those people that remembers dreams daily. and usually, they're silly, fluff dreams that are a waste of brain space to remember. for instance, last night, i dreamt about fruit snacks. and not only did i dream about fruit snacks, i dreamt that i was eating said fruit snacks in secret because i didn't want cb to find me and eat all my fruit snacks. yes, i have issues.

*then again, if you had a kid that loved food this much,
you'd probably have the same issues. right??

*at target the other day, i found this shirt:
cute, right? except i'm pretty sure that's a pretend "asian" language at the top. please correct me if i'm wrong, but i'm almost certain that that's a strange mix of japanese characters and korean letters. i don't get it. why wouldn't you check this with someone to make sure it made sense before sending it into mass production? (EDIT: my friend informed me that the language on the shirt is an actual language -- japanese. but, really, don't some of the letters totally look korean? okay, i'm done being defensive. i'll own up to being a bit of a dummyhead. that's what whatnot wednesdays are all about anyway, right?)

*oh, wait, asian countries butcher english, or rather, engrish, all the time. case in point, this gem found on a bath mat that my mom bought from the asian grocery store (the best part is the tiny print at the bottom):
don't ask.

and that, my friends, is my first whatnot wednesday. :)


  1. I beg to differ Grace....the best part of that bath mat is not the fine print. The BEST part is that your mom bought a bath mat about a bear at the Asian grocery store!!!!!

    I will see your CB in pigtails and halters and raise you a Matthew with one of those elastic hair tie backs, a pink onesie and bandanas around his neck (presumably for drooling??). No wait, CB still wins.

    I love your fruit snack dream. It goes well with my snack hoarding tendencies.

    So glad you linked up. You are hilarious and random and perfect for Whatnot Wednesdays.

    Oh, and in all seriousness, I have been thinking of you. I am so sorry to hear about your grandpa.

  2. I so wish we lived in the same city! CB & Chul would totally be bff's!
    BTW- I find the same thing with H&M. Chully has a closet full of 12-18's that I'm itching to get him in. Especially the jeans. It's killin' me.
    P.S. BIG fan of WnW's! (whatnot wed.'s)

  3. sorry to hear about you grandfather & cb being sick. praying for daily strength for you & fam.
    as for the t-shirt, it says, "corn frost" in big letters & kellog in the small ones. thanks for making me use my japanese. gotta brush up on it.

  4. First of all, I'm a little embarrassed now b/c I totally fixed Jack's hair like that when he was about cb's age... I wouldn't cut it and it did keep it out of his eyes. We didn't pair it with the halter top though:) In any case, those precious pictures just owned me!!!!

    Jack has eye contact issues so I tell him to "look at me" all the time too. Now, when he wants me to do something he touches my chin and says "Look at me." Talk about owning me... WOW!

    I LOVED this post!! You are GREAT at Whatnot Wednesday!! So glad you linked up and I can't wait to read more on your blog!

  5. I'm so sorry to hear about your Grandpa and CB being so sick. Prayers for your family and I hope CB's feeling all better! I loved your Whatnot Wednesday. You are seriously hilarious, and I love your fruit snack dream. So funny!!

  6. H&M - I completely agree. Ben had a sweater than said 1.5 that he wore until he was almost 3 but I have to buy larger sizes. Go figure. I love their clothes though and their prices!

    CB's pictures - wow! You weren't kidding in your description, perhaps a bit reminiscent of Pebbles! :)

    I hope CB is feeling better and praying for your family!

  7. Did you see my "happy bear interesting motorcycle" pictures on FB?!/photo.php?fbid=1887083421923&set=a.1887065301470.111571.1386559965&theater

    I greatly enjoyed the randomness. hope you all are feeling better, physically and emotionally, very soon.

  8. I LOVE THIS post. you're hilarious.

  9. I am so so sorry about your grandfather and CB being sick. And I am impressed that you keep your sense of humor even at times like this.

    Love CB's outfit and hairdo. You must show that to his girlfriends one day.

    And I hear you on the movies! We watched 2 recently that were just awful. The next one was going to be The Tourist, but now I am def not wasting my precious time.

  10. i'm definitely a fan of your whatnot wednesdays! sometimes you just need some randomness - it's kind of like watching a light movie. thanks for the tip on "the tourist". we rented "how do you know" a few days ago, and i was disappointed, especially considering the actors.

    i'm so sorry about your grandfather. so glad you were able to travel to the memorial service. take care and i hope you can get some much needed rest.

  11. you are so hysterical. i heart you. :D

  12. I'm so sorry about your grandfather. You've had an emotional few weeks here.

    Gabe was totally rocking the girl look in SoKo. Pigtails and girly clothes. They even captioned come of the pics saying he looked like a girl.

    Note to self, don't see The Tourist.

  13. Wow. that is some ecstatic yogurt eating if ever I saw it. ;)
    Now, I was going to guess that the Kellogg's shirt had Sanskrit on it. Alas.
    Nice work on your first WW!

  14. i've been out of action! so just catching up. you so funny. hilare post!

  15. also wanted to say sorry to hear about the sudden news of your grandfather. that is hard. hope you and your family are doing ok.

  16. I'm so sorry to hear about your grandfather. It's hard to lose someone, and when it's sudden, it can be that much more difficult. And I hope CB is feeling better. I hate watching my kids feel bad:(.

    Okay, but as far as Whatnot Wednesdays, I LOVE this idea. Random thoughts are by far my favorite. And for the record, one of my favorite Spike pics was of him in a pink crocheted had with flower, purple and white striped top, and a pink puffy vest. At least we all know our boys are comfortable with their masculinity!

  17. I am SO GLAD you are doing Whatnot Wednesdays because you and Elizabeth are the funniest bloggers I know and this first WW post did not disappoint. Too much hilarity - CB in pig tails and pink tanktop? Classic. I also love the flash - nice work, Grace. OK, I'm going to admit this - I thought it looked like Korean on the t-shirt, too. But then realized it wasn't *quite* right so when you said it was a made-up asian language, I totally bought that explanation. Aha, japanese. Gotcha. Don't get me started on the bath mat ... too funny.

    PS - I feel bad for saying this in the same (snarky) comment but I really am so sorry about your grandpa, Grace :(

  18. Me again. I'm so sorry to hear about you G-pa. Hope you're holding up ok.

  19. I am likin' this whatnot wednesday thing! you gave me quite a good laugh! and again, i am so sorry about your grandpa...and sorry we didn't get to see you guys. hopefully you'll be up this way again soon! :)

  20. i'm so sorry to hear about your grandpa. :(
    i love this WW idea, i can't wait to read more of them!!!!

  21. Sorry to hear about your grandfather. Sending best thoughts of peace to you and your family. And OMG. LOVE the pics of cb with his pony & tank top. He still rocked the look!

  22. I am so, so sorry to hear about your grandpa - what a difficult time!

    And those pigtail pics are just WAY too funny. :)

  23. Grace,

    I am so sorry to hear about your grandfather's passing. Know you have been and will remain in my thoughts ;0)

    Also, I had to do a double-take with your pics of CB with his ponytail in front and the kidding....that is exactly what E looked like on our gotcha day! Love. it.

    Hang in there, friend!

  24. {I'm really behind, but I'm really sad to hear of your loss.}

    This post however, is hysterical. Hysterical! I hope you keep it up since your train of thought is fabulous to read!

  25. Grace, you are absolutely hilarious. I'm sitting on the phone here with Barb, laughing at this post. I agree totally with the H&M thing. What is with that? Adam is still wearing some 9-12 month clothes from that store. They are very cute. That bath mat had me in stitches, as did that t-shirt. Who would want to wear it anyway?


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