Wednesday, February 16, 2011


i love being home with choi boy and i am sure i will be really sad (read: a sobbing mess) when i head back to work next month. but right now, i kinda miss talking to grown-ups during the day. i try and remember everything i wanted to say during the day so i can share it with the hubs when he gets home, but i hardly remember anything by then and there's a certain little guy that demands our attention (which we give happily).

so, instead, i'm just going to pour out some of the thoughts that have been running through my head. because (most of) you are grown-ups, right? and we can have pretend conversations over the internets, right?

thought so.

k, here goes:

*how old are the g1ee characters supposed to be? because some of them are *seriously* pushing it with the age they actually look. i'm betting puck has to shave between takes to get rid of the 5 o'clock shadow that always seems to be hiding under his makeup. and what happens when the characters graduate? will they all decide to go to some made up nearby university and continue new directions there? kind of like the gangs at s@ved by the bell or 9o210 did? or will they all mysteriously get held back like they did in the episode with cheno? hmm...

*do chocolate and ice cream count as dairy servings? i seriously hope so.

*ses@me street is on at not-so-good times in our neighborhood. 1pm, which is during cb's nap, and 10pm. who on earth is watching ses@me street at 10pm??

*what's with all the celebrites doing covert voice-overs for commercials lately? i'm pretty sure i've heard tim allen, lisa loeb and some other celebrities trying to sell me things. the trouble is, i'm so preoccupied by trying to figure out the familiar voice that i have no idea what they're selling.

*last week, i ran into a former co-worker at the supermarket. it was lovely seeing her and catching up. we didn't know each other too well when she worked at our school -- she actually tracked me down in the cheese section and said, "i remember you from somewhere, but i can't figure out where!" ;) but we had a great conversation and she loved meeting choi boy. and then we bumped into her again in another aisle and smiled and said our hellos again. and then later, i saw her out of the corner of my eye as i was heading down a different aisle, and i'm ashamed to admit i turned my cart and walked the other way. it's just that i didn't know what to say after we've already exchanged pleasantries. twice! am i the only one that finds these situations really awkward?? actually, i'm thinking no because it reminds me of this hilarious post from hyperbole and a half. go read it and then check out the rest of her site. side-splittingly funny. for reals.

*it seems as though choi boy has slowly been storing food in his cheeks for the winter. take a look:
his belly has also grown a bit since he's come home. methinks choi boy has taken a liking to american food. ;)

*yesterday, i was talking with a dear friend of mine (who is also adopting) about the costs of adoption. i was saying that if it wasn't so expensive, i'd love to adopt several more children (not that finances are the only thing to consider!). we were both saying how adoption has changed the way we look at costs of things; that as terrible as it sounds, we'll hear about a new car or a really expensive piece of jewelry and think, "that would pay for an adoption!" don't get me wrong, we have no regrets our adoption and the financial aspects of's just funny how it changes your perspective. on that note, a new-ish reader of chois-r-us emailed me about a really cool auction fundraiser she and her husband are hosting on their blog. all of the proceeds will directly fund their adoption from taiwan. check it out!

*lots of my friends told me i'd lose a lot of weight once choi boy came home because i'd be chasing around a toddler all day. and while i have dropped 4 or 5 pounds, i think it's all rapidly coming back. because sometimes, during the day, i'll think about all the things i'll be able to eat after choi boy is down for his nap or for the night. and sometimes, knowing that a slice of chocolate cake awaits me is enough to get me through some cranky cb tantrums. mmmmm...

*i am absolutely loving this gorgeous weather we're having here this week. i cannot wait for spring to get here! i'm so tired of bundling up every time we leave the house. i love my cute boots, but i'm ready for some ballet flats and flip flops. which reminds me, the hubs recently told me that i need stop wearing my cute boots because i'm a mom now and i need to wear shoes that are easy to slip on and off. he told me i should get a pair of cr0cs. NEVER going to happen. like EVER. unless j*crew starts making them super cute. ;)

*i loved spending valentine's day with my TWO boys:
the hubs and i have a tradition of eating pizza on valentine's day, so this time we brought our little munchkin along to our favorite local pizza shop and loved every minute of our dinner. even the part where we were wiping pizza sauce off of choi boy's ears. ;)

okay, i'm off to go eat some chocolate cake, yo. back next time with less rambling and more gratuitous choi boy pics! ;)


  1. Okay, where to begin?
    Crocs are gross. Don't do it. I've been a mom for over 4 years and hot boots are still a necessity.
    Grocery store run-ins--I've done the same thing. We ran into Matthew's preschool teacher yesterday and after talking, it got awkward. Sometimes you just want to fondle honeydews in peace.
    I absolutely scarf down junk when the boys are sleeping. Sugar and caffiene--my only rewards.
    Oh, and I'm pretty sure Susan Sarandon is doing Disney commercials. Weird.

  2. love love love the pics of cb and daddy... Peter looks so proud, happy, and complete. :)

    And as for cr0cs... I have always always hated them (except, of course, in discreet colors for doctors and nurses, and fun colors for gardening, but I don't garden! and I'm not a doctor or nurse!) but when I was pregnant and had the baby I absolutely needed comfy slip on and off shoes (and something more substantial than flip flops). I found these that were designed specially for Hallmark (weird, huh?) and they are my #1 favorite shoes. I'm debating starting to wear them right now, even though it's still under 50 degrees and there are still snow/ice mountains everywhere, because I miss them so much. I get compliments on them EVERYWHERE I go and the #1 response is "they're CR0CS?!?!??!"

    I have them in chocolate/turquoise. I was going to buy another pair to have a backup pair, but they're so indestructible that I don't think I need a backup! The ribbons are getting a little dirty but you can just untie and wash them... or pick a new color and tie them on :)

  3. i love rambling posts. totally agreed on the avoiding people you see at the supermarket, or anywhere else. i often think of costs in terms of adoption costs. like - "that's an i6OO fee, or i could do a home study update for that amount!"

    thinking about you as you prepare to head back to work soon!

  4. I'm with E - crocs ARE gross. Dude. Keep the cute shoes. Hubseses don't know nothing.
    The key to Sesame Street is the DVR. We have like 2 weeks worth of episodes recorded that we whip out whenever times get tough :)
    And HELLO! I *exist* on sugar. That and coffee. Hork it down, mama.

  5. Crocs - not a fan EXCEPT I did get their flip flops at one point - way better support for your feet than normal flip flops. But I did not get them to be cute, I got them to be slip on flip flops when needed - like walking through sand at the beach. They were $5. Oh, and they can be convenient for little kids to wear...

    Adoption costs - definitely puts things in perspective.

    The awkward grocery store meetings - not a fan. Fun to see the person at first, but then you just keep seeing them and it's weird.

    Sugar and caffeine. I said to Brian that I was wondering if I should give something up for Lent - he told me NOT to give these up - apparently he values my sanity (or his).

  6. We also DVR Sesame Street so I can show it to Kyle after his nap and I can fast forward some of it for my short attention span toddler. Forget crocs! I still wear my boots - Kyle even helps me put them on;-)

  7. I love these kind of posts. I have little pieces of paper on my fridge for all the conversation topics for the people I see regularly.
    I will admit that I have a pair of crocs but ONLY and I mean ONLY for gardening. I still wear boots and really they are functional too. I don't even carry a diaper bag. I have a large leather postman bag that works great and is stylish too.
    I hear ya on the chocolate cake at the end of day. When G first came home (now too, just less) all the got me through sometimes was a cookie or a glass of wine. Wait until'll be running around like crazy.

  8. You are hilarious! I always have to eat my chocolate on the sly or after bedtime, since Daniel will demand that I share with him! I'm not good at sharing my candy. As well, I totally avoid some people in the grocery store, because I know exactly what you mean (and I read that link and thought it was laugh-out-loud). Last thing I wanted to say was how much I love CB's towel. Too cute.

  9. you really are hilarious. hahahah...can't wait for our date in a couple days!!! You'll get adult contact AND time with cb.

  10. haha, I could be sitting there with you, in fact wish we were and our boys could play. NO NO No to crocs, unless they are for CB! Sadly, you are moving past the "I have no time to eat stage" into What do I eat duting nap and let me help you finish your meal stage...I think going back to work will stop it for you!!!

    Have an awesome day!

  11. I need some adult conversation too! I had to cancel a play date today because E was so fussy and not feeling well. Poor guy, but I was looking forward to it!

    Anyways, I don't really watch glee, but I have noticed that about LOTS of TV shows and movies. I have a hard time believing that they can't find a cast that actually looks the age that they are supposed to be! Dawson's Creek - come on now. Friday Night Lights - not even close. And the list goes on!! It's ridiculous. As far as graduating, I wonder that about Community as well. They are in community college, which is supposed to be 2 years only. Granted, I hope that show never ends (except Chevy Chase- I'm hoping they graduate him), but I'm not sure how they will explain it.

    I'm not so sure chocolate counts as dairy, but I think ice cream does!

    I'm not sure what time sesame street comes on, but I'm pretty sure it's during nap time because I've only seen it a few times. Which is a bummer because it's one of the few shows with racial and cultural diversity. But we also have play with me sesame which comes on in between naps. It only has puppets in it (no people). I try not to put the TV on until after he wakes up from his afternoon nap. But someone mentioned DVRing it. I never thought about DVRing it. I might have to do that.

    I heard Susan Sarandon on a commercial the other day! I was wondering why in the world they don't show her face. Isn't that what makes the difference? I also was wondering if she got paid as much for a "covert" commercial as opposed to one she shows her face in. And you are right...I definitely don't remember what the commercial was for.

    I do this too! Or I'll pretend like I don't see them. After awhile it gets awkward. And you don't want to seem rude by not saying hi again. But it's weird when you already said bye. Kind of like saying good-bye to someone as you go out the door, and then realizing that they are walking out too. It's fine if you are good friends, but if you don't know them well, it makes you feel like you have to talk some more and then say bye again. And sometimes you just don't feel like it or you don't have anything else to say. Awkward!

  12. Adoption costs...yikes. We are doing our homestudy through our previous adoption agency, and Sunday we did the 10 hour required online training classes. They cost $124.50 to go over stuff that we have already covered in required reading books and other required trainings. And we already have a referral, so we don't need info on how to read a referral. Then on Monday she emailed me saying "Since, you both have to take it separately, the agency has reduced the fee." The "reduced" fee was the amount that we already paid. I freaked out a little bit and got upset. I told her that our packet we got said nothing about taking it separately and that we took it together and that it was still expensive with the discount and we didn't really learn anything new. I probably should have said it more calmly, but we had also paid for our FBI checks, CPS checks, International adoption doctor, driving record, application fees for both agencies, homestudy fees, credit report and score, and doctor visits for all 3 of us. And that is just the beginning. I laugh when I think about having to pay the country fee. God will provide! He brought us J, and now he will have to foot the bill! Luckily, she said "Oh, well today is the first day they said each person has to take it individually, so you guys will be grandfathered in." PTL

    I've definitely gained weight since E came home. :( Mostly because he isn't walking yet. Little babies don't do much. I'm looking forward to fun times this summer out an about.

    Which brings me to the weather. I'm so glad it is much warmer, but I wish it was summer already!

    And I tried not wearing boots. I tried tennis shoes for awhile. It just didn't work for me. So I bought a few pairs of flats and 2 pair of slip on boots with no heels. Much better. I've never even considered crocs!

    Geez...that was so long I had to do it in 2! I guess I really need some adult conversation :)

  13. Oh my gosh... I could probably write a novel in response. I've been known to call my family members just to talk AT them. Yeah, obviously I need a little more adult interaction in my life. These last few weeks have been especially bad.

    I could call you and probably have an hour long conversation just on glee. The first half would be solely dedicated to the age these characters are looking...

    Say NO to the Crocs!!! I'm actually not a fan of crocs in general (they kind of gag me) but it's the ONLY thing Spencer will wear somedays... so guess who owns crocs?! Yup. Santa brought them though... so I'm completely off the hook on guilt. ;-) And you will never ever ever see crocs on my feet. I'm a big fan of Merrell slide on mary janes though... so I'm not sure how much better those are?!

    And like Joanna said... wait til summer... the weight will fly off. I've put on more pounds than I will admit to after this winter. Ick.

    Off to scavenge Spencer's Valentine haul for some chocolate now...

  14. Ok...I confess...I like my crocs...but they are the Mary Jane versions so kinda cute, maybe? =) I love your fun! I love seeing how Choi Boy is filling out! You're feeding him well! =)

  15. crocs are great on kids but not so much (for me) on adults haha... but to each his own right?
    so fun that you included your boy on your valentine's day tradition! very cute having pizza altogether.
    oh ya i totally consider big purchases in relation to IF treatment or adoption (can't help it too)... funny what this stuff does to you huh!
    love his little cheeks!

  16. I can't believe your Sesame Street is on at SUCH lame times! Whatev. Ours is on at 7am which is perf. You might try some other non-PBS stations (like Sprout) where they often play some vintage SS at random times. Otherwise, record!

    OK, I hate crocs with a passion BUT I did buy the flip flop version and I wear them whenever I'm in the house (they never leave the house) and I have to say they are super comfy and actually provide support (which was especially nice in the beginning when I was carrying Max around the house in the beco :)

    Oh, and everyone told me the same thing about weight coming off with a busy toddler to chase after. That may have happened early on (summer) but ever since winter (and fall, really) when we've been in the house more, it's been the opposite. I'm not good at being near a kitchen all day! I'm a grazer. Not good. So I've taken steps to reverse the damage. Sigh ...

  17. Bleck. i hate crocs too. except on little kids. they can totally get away with them. I also feel like weirdo and have avoided aisles in the supermarket to keep from having convos with the same person in every stinkin' aisle.

    and hey...noah grew those big cheeks too when he came home! glenn and i have been looking at alot of old photos and videos lately and i can't believe how much weight noah gained in his first few months home! crazy!!

  18. I love this post! Thanks for the laughs. I have totally done the same thing while out shopping, when you just don't know what to say to someone the 3rd or 4th time you run into them. I totally understand the dreaming of all the yummy things you can eat when cb is napping or in bed for the night! I have totally been there. Who wants to have to share EVERYTHING??!!

  19. love your ramblings, grace.
    wish i could have seen a pic of cb & pizza sauce on his ears. =)


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