Monday, April 26, 2010

wait, weight, and perspective

let me tell you, waiting stinks. BIG time. you know how they say time flies when you're having fun? well, time goes as slow as molasses when you're waiting. FO SHO.

so, here's the dealio on our timeline: when we first started our adoption process, we were told the wait time between your acceptance of a referral and when your child would be ready to travel would be about 4-6 months. which meant that if our paperwork was filed and processed on the earlier end of the timeline, we could go to korea to pick up choi boy in august, which would be ideal and pretty darn awesome. he would be home before his first birthday and we could go get him over my summer break, reducing the amount of leave i'd take from teaching. we were praying, praying, praying for august (still are!), but we heard 2 weeks ago that the wait to travel is about 5-9 months which brings us to september or even...january 2011. stinky, stinky, stinkers! there is still a slim chance that choi boy might be ready to travel in august (so now REALLY praying, praying, praying), but it looks as though it will probably be october-ish, which is for sure better than january, but we can't help but be a little sad at this adjustment in our timeline. we so wanted to celebrate his dohl (first birthday in korean -- a pretty big deal) with him -- the thought of him celebrating with just his foster family makes sad. :( i think we had our hopes set so high on august that we kind of just had it in our minds that that's when we'd be bringing our son home (OMG, we have a SON!)...

well, we found out today that the adoption agency our US agency works with in korea has now met its quota for the number of children they can process through emigration services. this means that all families whose acceptance dossiers were received in korea after april 4 will now have to wait until at least february 2011 to bring their children home...but thankfully, SO thankfully, we *just* made the cut-off and this even newer adjustment does not apply to us. praise the Lord for real! so, as hard as it might be to know that our little boy will probably celebrating his first birthday without us, i am thankful that we will get to see him shortly after and not the following's all about perspective. and on that note, we will most likely have 50+ birthdays to celebrate with our little guy, so missing one in the grand scheme of things is not so terrible...

one of the things i'm doing to distract myself from thinking about this waiting is trying to really be on the ball about working out daily and getting healthier and more fit before choi boy comes home. i figure i'll have less time to exercise when he's home, so i might as well do what i can, while i can. i've been using jillian michaels' 30 day shred which came recommended by one of my most favorite people in the world, sylvie.

boy, that jillian michaels is BEAST. it is hard stuff! and it doesn't help that she says things like, "right about now, you should feel like you're going to DIE." awesome. exactly what i want to hear while i'm working out and hating it. but apparently, it works -- our senior PW has said that she's been using it for the last 3 months and has seen really great results. i'm slowly seeing results, but i'm on day 26 and it is *still* kicking my butt. phew! the funny thing is, korea is the only international adoption program that actually has a weight restriction for prospective parents. ha! those crazy, skinny koreans! (p.s. i'm only allowed to say that because i'm actually korean, btw) so, perhaps it's better that i'm channeling my anxious energy into exercising instead of eating...which i seemed to have been really good at this past winter, seeing as how i've gained 10 pounds since last, those blizzards got me good!

so, there you have it...wait, weight, and perspective on it all. :)


  1. oh dear grace...waiting is so hard. but when you meet your SON (yay!!!), i think you'll agree that God has already restored what we think of as "wasted years." praying for a 2010 arrival!!!!

  2. the 10 pounds were baby weight. you're just THAT connected to choi boy. :)


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