Sunday, April 4, 2010

"you can be a single lady if you want to!"

many of you have probably seen this awesome video on youtube or the today show or the early show or msnbc :)

too cute, right?! as i was watching it i noticed that losiah, the little boy who so desperately wanted to be a single lady, didn't exactly look like the rest of his family. so, i used my keen internet stalking skills (c'mon, you know you have them, too!), and found his dad's blog as well as his mom's blog. it turns out that little losiah was adopted from korea and joined the whittaker family in november 2006. how cool is that? not only that, but his dad, carlos whittaker, also happens to be a pastor at buckhead church, which is one of the campuses of north point community church (andy stanley's church) and is doing some pretty cool stuff with worship music. doubly and triply cool. :)

you can read more about losiah's adoption and watch several videos of their journey to korea to bring him home here. it is so beautiful...i pretty much sat in front of my computer, watched the videos and cried watching their family come together.

it's so rad how this silly and fun youtube video is being used to bring people to carlos' and heather's blogs and bring the story of their adoption into light. love, love it. :)


  1. i love it! i just watched some of the videos...and i needed some kleenex! what a wonderful story...i can't wait to see the next steps in the choi story!!! :)

  2. gotta take a look at his parents' blogs when i get a chance to.


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