Saturday, April 24, 2010

mr. sandman

mr. sandman, bring me a dream, make him the cutest that i've ever seen...
(random thought: does anyone else remember that episode of "family ties" where jennifer's in a band and alex makes them sing old girl group songs like "mr. sandman" and skippy dresses up like sandman while they perform? no? just me? anyway, that's what i also think of when i hear that song...)

ever since we saw little choi boy's face, we can't get him out of our minds...apparently, some of our friends can't either, because a few of them have told us they've had dreams about him!

here's part of an email i got from my dear friend, kathleen, describing a dream she had about choi boy:

sylvia & i went to visit grace (for some conference but wound up staying with grace) and it happened that grace's son came that day! it was so emotional. i was tearing up and wanted to document everything but didn't have a video camera. grace, your son was running around, smiling, and just having a good old time with peter. there were times peter would say, "appa han tae wa" [which means "come to daddy" in korean] and after 2 times, he ran to him and peter lifted him up. gosh, the dream was SO real. afterwards, we went to the conference (which was linked to the house somehow) but sylvia & i couldn't really concentrate.

how sweet!

then, another dear friend, vic, had a dream where choi boy had come home and was about the same age he is now (wouldn't that be nice!). she said as soon as she saw him, she scooped him and was playing with him, and then he looks up at her and says in a very articulate voice, "um, excuse me, auntie vic, i need to go do something i've always wanted to do." at that point, everyone gasps at how advanced he is in his speech and he scoots down to the floor, crawls over to me and into my lap, gives me a big hug and says, "mommy, i just love you."

i was laughing and crying at the same time hearing that one!

last night, i had a dream about choi boy myself. we were just hanging out, playing outside with piper roaming around us. i remember at one point, we were doing the "airplane" thing where you put the baby on your legs and lift him into the air, and choi boy was just laughing and laughing, which pretty was much the sweetest sound in the world! then the dream went on and it was one of those trippy dreams where things keep shifting, and at one point, choi boy was not a baby anymore but instead was a dachshund puppy...sure hope that dream isn't prophetic! :)

can't wait to meet little choi boy for real...but until then, i'll take him in dream form! if anyone else has any dreams about him, please share! :)

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  1. oh Grace! I am so happy for you and I am sure your are anxious to meet your boy. Keeping you in my thoughts...


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