Sunday, September 30, 2012

we're ghana miss her.

so, i've been totally neglecting this place. september's always a crazy sorta month with it being the first month of school and all. and it's been extra busy this year because we tried to spend as much time as possible soaking up this girl:

my sister left for ghana last week. for a year. !!! we were definitely sad to see her go, but like i told her, as much as i'll miss her (and i'll miss her like CRAZY), it is trumped by how excited i am for what this year will be for tippy. i can't wait to hear about all of her adventures and see how she will grow and be stretched during her year in ghana.

we sent her off with a proper (somewhat teary -- ahem, momma) good-bye...with lots of hugs and prayers.

airport scenes are always bittersweet...filled with so much love and sadness, too. and ours was no different.

but after a dozen hugs and i love yous and i'll miss yous, we watched tippy begin her adventure as she walked off through those security gates. 

through the magic of technology, we've already been able to video chat and email several times. and, as expected, my rock star of a little sister is doing well and making friends with everyone. :) she's still getting adjusted and settling in, but i'm pretty sure everyone already loves her and vice versa. ;) 

besides, what's not to love, right!?

love you so much, tippy! update your own blog so we can all follow along in your adventures!!! (your big sister can still  boss you around, even over the interwebs, yo...)


  1. I miss you so much it hurts! I have attempted to write in my blog but I'm so overwhelmed with things I want to say that I haven't been able to get it all out. That and there has been a blackout for the past 16 or so hours so I'm trying to conserve batts on my computer! Talk soon though, love you!!!

  2. Parting is such sweet sorrow... But she is going to be doing amazing things right? Are you going to go visit?! That would be such a great adventure!

  3. Oh the adventures she has ahead of her! I'm sure she's so thankful to have all of you cheering her on. And how awesome is technology! Makes being apart a little easier I'm sure.

  4. sniffle sniffle...

    This was such a great, although sad, post. I can't wait to read Tippy's blog too.


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