Wednesday, March 21, 2012

small style: déjà vu.

last week's small style post ended up being quite a hit. mostly among the eemo crew, but cb did end up making an appearance here and here. :)

apparently, the hubs was also seriously diggin' cb's outfit because on sunday morning, before i could pull out cb's church clothes, the hubs got cb dressed (which usually results in some form of mismatched colors and sweats), and here is what he chose:

yep, blue and cream striped sweater and green pants. (good job, appa!)
a more play friendly version, for sure, and as the hubs was quick to point out, more appropriately boy-ish. :)

and the grey tee under the sweater? a bucky the badger shirt, natch.
perfect for our basketball-lovin' little dude. (go badgers!!!)
the deets:
sweater: crewcuts (a gift from a friend)
tee: university of wisconsin bookstore
cargo convertible pants (they turn into shorts): gap (from the spring wardrobe shopping spree with my mom)
velcro kicks: gap (same story as above!)
basketball: little tikes

i love my boys.
especially since they indulge me by letting me snap away on sunny sunday afternoons.

because, in case you were wondering, here's how choi boy really feels about being constantly photographed:

and that's because he'd so much rather be doing this:

yes, i realize he's playing soccer with a basketball. he's very versatile, folks.

oh, and one last thing about the striped blue shirt, green pants outfit.

it turns out, it was really ingrained in my head, too. because here's how i found myself dressed today:
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and cb was none too happy about it. i wouldn't be either if my lame old mom was cramping my style.





  1. Love little guys in stripes! Great photos too. Looks like you've got a very busy little dude on your hands!

  2. I love stripes on boys. Your boy is super adorable!

  3. you are all so cute. Love the stripes. I think I have a million blue striped shirts. They just always seem to work! And are those yellow toms I spy?

  4. So much fun. You both do green khakis very very well. A stylin' duo.


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