Sunday, March 25, 2012

one more milestone.

"they" say that often children who are adopted are not fully adjusted to their adoptive families until they are home for as long as the age they were when they were adopted.

for us, that's today.

on december 17, 2010, choi boy was placed in our arms forever.
he was 15 months and 8 days old.

today is 15 months and 8 days from that date.

which means that according to "them," we will be moving forward with cb fully adjusted to his life with us.

it also means that from this point on, for as long as choi boy has been alive, he will have now been with us longer than he hasn't.

which is something that is altogether remarkable and amazing and just...right.

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we can't imagine our lives without this silly and amazing and hilarious and charming little boy.

and thankfully, gratefully...for the last 15 months and 8 days, and every day going forward, we didn't and don't have to.


  1. What a very poignant way to celebrate this day. Here's to many more wonderful days and weeks and months ahead.....

  2. Congrats on this milestone. It's a huge one!

  3. That is seriously the best milestone... Congrats!!!

  4. Very special day indeed! I remember that one too - so many great things to celebrate in an adoption journey.


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