Monday, February 6, 2012


choi boy is currently obsessed with the idea and concept of being "nice." it may have a little something to do with his kindergarten teacher momma repeatedly (i.e. ad nauseum) saying, "you have to be nice" and "play nicely" or "are you being nice?"

just a little something. ;)

anyway. cb's always checking in to see if he's being nice or reporting to me that he is, indeed, being nice. it usually has to do with sharing -- something cb is very proud of doing, or when he shows affection, especially to his buddies. he also likes to report when others are being nice, even fictional characters in books or on tv.

so, basically, cb walks around all day saying, "niiice!"

in other words, my two-year old sounds an awful lot like borat.

but a very cute, very sweet, non-creepy, non-skeezy borat. yes, that's a possible combination.

here's a little (albeit slightly forced!) peek:



  1. Niiiiice!!! I mean really, what else could I say here?! Oh, I know! Sweeeeeet! (Video and boy!)

  2. Love sweet little toddler voices! Very Niiiice!

  3. Hahaha! That is so cute. As a BD teacher, I am always saying "stay in control." It just spills over into my home life as well. Too funny how we hear our words come back to us every day!

  4. Niiiiiice CB. Yes, he sounds a little like a robot when it comes to the nice thing (you can tell it's been drilled into him). I will start working on Max tomorrow - thanks for the idea!

  5. You're such an awesome mother! Need to learn from you someday!!!


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