Wednesday, October 12, 2011

whatnot wednesday.

why, hello there, whatnot. it's been a while. and yet, you've just been building and building in my already cluttered brain, so it's time to get some of you out. enjoy your short time in the spotlight, because i'm pretty darn sure there's more of where you came from still stuck in there.


*so, i've somehow ended up being subscribed to a lot a lot a lot of those daily deal email things. and i rarely buy any of the deals, but for whatever reason, i can't bring myself to unsubscribe. perhaps it's from fear of missing out on a truly ahhhmahzing deal or something. anyway, i'm always baffled by the number botox deals there seems to be. i'm talking at least one a week. are that many people really looking for deals on botox? and when they see those emails, do they think, "score! now i can get my botox for 65% off!"? it's just weird to find so many botox deals sprinkled amidst deals for gutter cleanings, restaurants, and canvas prints, you know? does anyone else find this shady and bizarre? no? just me?

*you know that trust game you play at those cheesy team-building retreat thingies? you know, the one where you fall backwards into a crowd of people that are waiting to catch you? or when you play with a partner and lean all your body weight back so they can support you? choi boy would *rock* at that game. he has total and absolute trust when it comes letting other support his body weight. in fact, he is rarely allowed to hold two grown-ups' hands simultaneously. because when he does, this happens:
cb pretty much just makes the adults holding his hands drag him around. that is, when he's not using the grown-up arms as trapeze bars.

*a few weeks ago, i found out firsthand that boys are truly better at spacial awareness and depth perception. check out this awesome bruise:
you shouldda seen the other guy!
just kidding. because the other guy was a stair railing.
yep, you read that right. i was turning a corner to head to the staff bathroom at school (the school that i've worked at for the past TEN years -- and i'm pretty sure i know the layout pretty darn well) and i didn't clear the turn. i completely misjudged the space (apparently, i think i'm a lot skinnier than i really i am!) and ran straight into the railing. yup, just me and my body. not me and a shopping cart or me and a stroller or me and my car. just me. sad.

*remember that scene in HP and the deathly hallows where hermione throws a hex on harry so he is unrecognizable to the snatchers? we had a kinda sorta similar experience the other week. we went in to scoop choi boy up from his crib after he hollered for us to come get him (it's actually super cute -- he wakes up, chats and sings to himself for a bit and then calls us over when he's ready to get up). well, when we saw him, we gasped because this is what we saw:
crazy! so swollen and almost unrecognizeable...poor little guy. :( after checking things out with the doctor, it turns out it was not, in fact, a hex or spell gone wrong, but we're pretty sure it was a new brand of milk we tried. of course, in true cb form, the hives did not bother him one bit (aside from being a bit itchy), and he continued to scream and shout and run and jump just as he normally would. except with a crazy puffy face. can't get him down!

*choi boy has been chattin' up a storm and trying new words all the time. as with any two year-old, he sometimes gets confused with the new words he's learning. my favorite confusion? cb confuses the word "your" or "yours" with "my" or "mine". it's rather hilarious and makes him sound like the most giving and selfless child ever. for example, if i pull out something he wants to eat, cb will come grab it and say, "yours! your apple!" or, if he's playing with some buddies and "working on" sharing his toys, he'll walk over and tell them "your ball! your car! yours! yours!"
so giving, right? that's my boy. ;)

*i've had my iphone for about 8 months and i still cannot properly type on the keyboard. and i promise i don't have crazy large, yeti thumbs. really. but the typing? it's absurd. and the (ridiculous) auto-correct makes my emails/texts/anything i type on my phone look and sound crazy.

i mean, come on!

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  1. Have you checked out the website damnyouautocorrect,com? Hilarious!

    Poor CB! Hives are no fun. I've had them plenty of times. They suck.

  2. Autocorrect gets me every time. Last night I texted Jason that I would give Isaac flatiron before bedtime (I meant Claritin)!
    I get a billion of those deal of the days emails too, and I can't stop, because every once in a while there's a really, really good one! I'm afraid I'd miss out. But Botox for 65% off....sounds sketchy to me. However I have a friend doing laser hair removal using one of those coupons and she seems to be pleased.

  3. Well, first of all: Poor. Baby. Those hives look miserable!

    And I do the exact same thing with all those sale websites. In fact, just thought this morning as I deleted my lengthy daily list of emails that I should really just delete, delete, delete. But I can't bring myself to.


  5. Oh the auto correct on my iPhone drives me crazy!! My messages look a lot like yours! I love the yours/mine mixup!! Too cute!

  6. That bruise looks nasty! I'm just as bad-- I have slammed into my island counter more times than is normal and ended up with some doozies. That auto correct is brutal! Barb is always getting caught in it when she sends me messages. I'm glad the hives didn't bother cb too much. They look brutal. Poor guy!

  7. Poor CB with those hives! :-(

    We don't allow S to hold both our hands because without fail, he's got his feet off the ground and he's swinging... ugh.

    Your autocorrect is hysterical! Blegh!

  8. Your autocorrect is hilarious!!! And I sure hope Choi boy is feeling better. Poor little peanut!

  9. love the iphone - hate the keyboard!!!!

    this was awhile ago, so i assume cb is on the mend from the hives now. what a weird reaction! i didn't know that could happen from switching brands. crazy!!!!


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