Thursday, March 4, 2010

the view

**do you like our new banner? so cute, right?! many, many thanks to the very talented gracieK for creating it for us! i "met" her through stumbling upon her blog and am so grateful that she was willing to work on this banner for us...thanks, grace!**

last week, an episode of "the view" was dedicated entirely to the subject of infertility -- thanks, tina, for giving me a heads up about this episode! (you can watch the full episode here, but i'm not sure how much longer it will be up on the abc site, so you may have to check youtube). bill and giuliana rancic came on and shared their story of their journey with infertility and several different doctors and other couples also shared their stories and expertise. i didn't agree with all the side comments the ladies on "the view" made, especially whoopi, who really was not very nice at times, but then again, i never fully agree with those ladies, which is why i rarely watch the show. well, that and the fact that when the show's on, i'm in the middle of herding kindergartners to the cafeteria. :) also, whoever the fact card writer was for this particular show did not do a great job because the ladies had their facts about the couples all mixed up throughout the show. but, in spite of these two caveats, it was a fairly good show.

i was really encouraged by the fact that "the view" was taking the time to address this issue that affects, according to the cdc facts on the show, 1 in 5 couples. it was also really great to see a celebrity couple come forward and share openly about their struggles with infertility. infertility is often such a private matter, and understandably so, so it's encouraging to see that it is being brought to public light, making it something that's okay to talk about if and when a couple chooses to do so. a lot of times people don't share about their infertility until after they have had a successful intertility treatment or adoption because it's too painful to do so during the midst of the struggles. but here were 3 couples that shared openly about their current struggles, putting a face to this issue.

if you want to learn the basics about infertility, watching this episode might be a great place to start...i never thought i'd say it, but good job, people of "the view"! :)


  1. funny cause i was going to ask you if you drew the banner on top. that was the first thing i noticed and i wanted to ask you to make one for me, too. =) do you think grace will make one for me, too, if i contact her?

    love reading your entries, eunhae. i should really post, too. just need a couple more days or weeks.

  2. i watched that too. i am glad that fertility is being talked about more, but yes, people still do have their opinions about it.

    and YES to the comment above. please email me and i would love to design something for you :)

  3. Grace, Sylvia just told me about your blog and I am using this rainy day alone while Rob's at Ricky's bachelor weekend to read through, and it is so wonderful, heartbreaking, encouraging, and amazing. :) I'll be following closely!!

    And what a small world... I went to college with GracieK!! :D


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