Friday, May 14, 2010

the hill is in sight...

a few months ago, one of our college students, josh cho, invited peter and me down to durham to watch duke play wake forest. neither of us particularly like duke (read: NOT fans), but it was really neat to be in cameron indoor and be across the floor from coach k.

we were headed in to the student section and in order to get in, we borrowed student IDs from josh and his girlfriend's friends -- apparently, people do this all the time, so we didn't feel too bad about lying :). while we were waiting in line outside, josh casually said to peter, "i'm so glad you guys were able to come down! this is probably the last time you'll be able to do so..." to which peter replied, "no, we have other students that are coming down to duke, i'm sure we can come down to see them." and then, josh chuckled and said, "no, i mean this is probably the last year you can get in with a student ID without looking like you're totally faking it!" in other words, he meant that we are not spring chickens any more! :) we were slightly offended (not really) and mostly thought it was hilarious that josh would say that.

and then...we got inside and to the student section. so, it's standing room only. and squishy and crowded and smelly from all the b.o. coming off of screaming college students. there are all these cheers you have do and several involve jumping and fist pumping and arm waving, etc. i have never felt so. old. in. my. life. shortly into the first half, all peter and i wanted to do was sit down, which totally wasn't going to happen. peter was super annoyed with this nerdy kid standing next to him who happened to be wearing this jester-ish hat with jingle bells on it. the jingle bells kept hitting peter in the head and the dude was screaming very loudly, at times right into peter's ear. we were such an old, crotchety couple and realized that josh was completely right. :) we may not be over the hill quite yet, but that hill surely is in sight!

here we are before the smooshing really began...

peter with josh and steph

i bring this up because i always dreamed about being a cool, young, hip mom, and thought i would have 2 children before i turned 30 -- which will be happening in less than 6 months...sigh. i know, i know, i'm still young (30 is new 20, blah, blah) and by many standards will still be a young-ish mom. but it's just a reminder again of how things never really go how we planned them or want them. had we conceived back when we had initially started trying, i would have given birth shortly after my 27th birthday and would have a 2 year old. (and secretly, thinking about that actually kinda freaks me out!)

but, here's the cool thing about adoption...since our little choi boy is already 8 months and was born back in september 2009, he was actually born 2 months before i turned 29 and just after peter turned 31, shaving a year off our mommy and daddy age. :) heehee...after seeing little choi boy's face i can't imagine being a mommy to anyone else and i don't really care how old we'll be anymore...okay, maybe i care just a smidge :), but i know this was the way things were supposed to work out, and peter and i cherish the extra time we had together to travel and have more flexibility before parenthood. now we are so ready to take on this new challenge as parents and feel like we're at an age where we can truly, truly enjoy it and not feel like we missed out on anything in our 20s...

sigh...those 20s will soon be a distant memory for me...whatever, 30, here i come -- baby and all! :)

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