Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Bubble Painting

Bubbles are such a quintessential summer activity, don't you think? If you're like us, they often become a year-round activity, too -- bubbles in the bathtub in the dead of winter are always a big hit at our house!

And even though blowing bubbles is a classic activity, finding a fun twist to add to it is always exciting. In that vein, here's an easy activity to do with your little ones that is part bubble blowing, part craft, and on our Summer Fun List: Bubble Painting!

Here's what you'll need:

*Bubble solution (or bubble juice, as it's called in our house)

*Bubble wands of different shapes and sizes

*Plastic cups

*Food coloring (you can also use squeezable watercolor base)

*Large paper (we used 4 sheets of scrapbook paper taped together)

Take the food color or watercolor, and mix it into the bubble juice in separate cups for each color. We used four basic colors: red, yellow, green, and blue

Tape the paper to a large upright surface -- we used our garage door; an easel would also work and probably be way easier! ;)

Then, take the bubble wands, dip them into the colored solution and blow towards the paper:

That's it!

It was fun to experiment with blowing big bubbles versus little bubbles; standing close versus farther away, and also seeing how the breeze affected the direction of the bubble. The best part was that it was rather unpredictable, so we weren't sure what our masterpiece would look like in the end... but because of the fun colors and different patterns, no matter what, it was sure to look great!

Once you are done with your bubble painting and it has dried, you can leave it as is, or use it as wrapping paper or as a card -- a great way to incorporate your kiddo's artwork into gift-giving!

We had a lot of fun with this activity and will definitely be trying it again, perhaps with different colors next time!

*A quick note about clean-up: the food coloring bubble solution does require warm water with a spritz of cleaning solution to get off of surfaces -- it came off our garage door right away that way. We also got a few splashes on our clothes, but a quick squirt of stain remover and a wash in the laundry got those out, too!


  1. What a great idea! A roll of easel paper (two rows) would work well and cover a larger surface area. That way you could get friends involved and could also experiment with larger wands. Fun!

  2. fun idea. i also love the part about making stuff that can be used as wrapping paper, cards etc. your little man is about 1.5 years older than mine- toby. when toby was born, it felt like a big difference but now it seems quite little. love hearing what you are up to and your list in your post about summer things is amazing! i'm enjoying catching up on your blog.


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