Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Non-Uniform Uniform

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I tend to be a creature of habit. At the same time, I will admit that I love clothes and accessories (sometimes a little too much) and enjoy putting together daily outfits. Blend those two together and I often find myself wearing different versions of essentially the same ensemble!

Our dress code at school is somewhere between business casual and casual (blue jeans only on Fridays), and since I'm often sitting on the floor or dancing with my students or just being altogether unladylike at school, I also need to think about being my work clothes being comfortable and functional. Because of that, and because of my habits mentioned above, I've discovered that a mix of a loosely fitted top, skinny pants, statement jewelry, and flats tends to be my just-right outfit for work and often on weekends, too.

See Exhibits A, B, and C:

Here are some other pieces that I either own or would love to own that would fit right in with my "uniform":

Tops: I prefer to wear tops that are fitted, but loosely so, so that they don't cling all over my momma muffin top but aren't too boxy and still show some shape.

1) J Crew Boy Shirt in Dots | 2) J Crew Factory Crochet Eyelet Tee | 3) Old Navy Slub Knit Tee | 4) J Crew Featherweight French Terry Sweatshirt | 5) J Crew Stripe Boatneck Top

Bottoms: When skinny pants first came back on the scene in a big way several years ago, I resisted for a while because I don't love the shape of my legs (they're a bit bowed on the bottom). But, I soon discovered the awesomeness of skinny pants and they're about all I wear now. My favorite thing about them is that the bottom hems stay in tact because they don't drag on the floor!

1) J Crew Cafe Capri in bright poppy | 2) Target Skinny Denim in black | 3) AE Cropped Moto Pant in olive | 4) Target Skinny Pant in Mint Polka Dot | 5) J Crew Toothpick Jean in Fresh Purple

Shoes: I cannot wear heels. In fact, the last time I wore them, I fell down a flight of stairs (and I was completely sober!). I hope flats are around forever because they're my favorite and I love the variety of flats that are available.

1) TOMS Classic Slip on | 2) Target Mossimo Ballet Flat | 3) TOMS Linen Ballet Flat | 4) Target Mossimo Flat Strappy Sandal | 5) Maria Sharapova by Cole Haan Air Bacara Flat

Jewelry: I love big, bold and fun statement necklaces that accent my otherwise plain shirts. I don't like to spend a ton of money on costume jewelry, though, and have been very happy with my inexpensive pieces!

1) Forever 21 Rhinestone Wreath Necklace | 2) Target Stone Shower Necklace | 3) Francescas Champs-Elysees Necklace | 4) Bauble Bar Green Ariel Necklace | 5) Forever 21 Opaque Rhinestone Chain Necklace

What about you? What's your go-to non-uniform uniform?

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  1. I love your uniform... but I bet you already knew that!


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